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Joseph L. Bierwirth to Speak at Boston Estate Planning Council (BEPC) Roundtable Breakfast


Hemenway Trust Company Senior Vice President Joseph L. Bierwirth will speak on the panel “New Hampshire: Why the Granite State Rocks When it Comes to Administering Trusts” at the Boston Estate Planning Council (BEPC) Roundtable Breakfast. Since 2006 New Hampshire has significantly revamped its trust laws, such that New Hampshire has become one of the best jurisdictions for the administration and taxation of trusts. More and more estate and financial planning professionals are considering New Hampshire as the situs for their clients’ trusts. This roundtable focuses on what makes New Hampshire a great place to administer trusts, where it stands compared to other jurisdictions, and what are some issues to watch for if you “migrate” trusts from another state to New Hampshire.

The Boston Estate Planning Council is a multi-disciplinary community of over 750 estate and wealth planning professionals entering its 85th year. The Council provides educational programs and networking opportunities to help its members build and strengthen relationships, learn about ideas and strategies, and share thought leadership.

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